Roberto Del Río had accomplished artistic influence from his family since his mother is

an artist and his grandfather was a prominent art collector and philanthropist for Spanish

artists of the XX century, who influenced him to be a full-time serious visual artist.

Unlike most self-taught artists he travelled around the world to increase his awareness of the

arts returning to set up a studio in Mexico City.

He later moved to Oaxaca, Mexico where he mastered the encaustic technique.

After achieving a successful start in Houston Texas, he is back in Mexico City.

He then stopped doing art for a period of 3 years, in which he turns himself completely

into discovering new techniques, new styles and inspiration from artists around the world.

In 2016 he makes a return to his studio to create a new series of work.

Roberto mainly uses leftover furniture, acrylic paint, oil-paint, found-objects,

encaustic and miscellaneous things.

He retrieves the encaustic strictly from a small town in Mexico, close to Michoacan.

Painting with encaustic is a technique that consistis of heating beeswax that

is as ancient as the medium itself.

Different than oil paints, powdered pigments are added in order to be used in

collages, to sculpt or layer onto a surface.





Law of one

Entenderse a uno mismo es el inicio del conocimiento

Ser es hacer

Sin Rosrto


Love is Gravity